Shorebased Oil & Gas Installations

  • Design, Construction and repair of oil piping, gas piping & steam pipeline systems, heat exchangers, intercoolers, boilers & pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipe racks, supports, refrigeration systems, electrical and control systems in accordance with the most recognised Codes and Standards applicable to Oil refineries, gas processing and storage installations, cryogenic complexes and marine terminals.
  • General metal-mechanic fabrications, modifications and repairs including weld construction and weld repair work, performance of non-destructive examination and tests, thickness determination, hydrostatic tests, pneumatic and leak tests, field erection of equipment and systems, rigging, load tests, bench tests, etc.

General maintenance of oil and gas equipment and systems, tank and pipeline cleaning, maintenance of boilers and pressure vessels, air coolers, drain systems, gas exhaust ducting, filters, flares, fire-fighting systems, lagging and insulation, signalisation and paintwork amongst others.

Survey, Verification and Inspection of material, line, production, process and drilling piping, pumping and equipment at Steelmakers, Foundries, Electrode and Weld Consumable Manufacturers, Steam & Gas Turbine Manufacturers, Electric Cables & Wiring, Electric Motor Manufacturers, Electric Generators, Wind Generators, Monitoring & Control Equipment, Lifting Appliances, Valve Manufacturers, Safety Equipment, Firefighting Equipment, Loading Arms, Anchoring and Mooring Equipment, Refrigeration Plant and Air Conditioning Systems, Filters, Boilers & Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Insulating Material, Intrinsically Safe Equipment, Instrumentation & Measuring Equipment, Environmental Protective Equipment, Emergency Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment.