The combined expertise, experience and qualifications of WOOS team and strategic associates enables us to provide a wide range of technical services to the maritime and offshore industry globally. The services include Ship operation, management and training, the technical aspects of port operation management and control.

As a leading offshore marine consultancy, we focus on all aspects of marine transportation and marine construction. From the planning, design and successful execution of high value/high risk complex marine operations to the provision of specialist technical expertise for the investigation and resolution of major maritime accidents, casualties and claims. Browse through our marine services, or simply contact our team today who will assist with your enquiry.


Surveys, Inspections & Audits

Over the years, WOOS has built a team of personnel with expertise in mixed disciplines, using a mix of staff with long years of practical ship-board and ship-yard experience.

WOOS undertakes an extensive range of surveys, inspections and audits. While instructions are often for work on a specific vessel or facility, we also work with multiple vessels and even entire fleets. Due to our international network of offices, we can survey and inspect vessels and facilities anywhere in the world.

Today our expertise encompasses the entire range of survey and inspection activities and includes:

Condition Survey

We carry out surveys to ascertain the overall condition of a vessel – hull, machinery, equipment, safety and security measures, management systems and certification are all inspected. This type of survey is often carried out on behalf of marine insurers.


We survey vessels employed in the offshore energy industry using both IMCA’s Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) and the OCIMF Offshore Vessel Inspection Document (OVID).

Dynamic Positioning Services

Dynamic Positioning Services are important within the offshore industry. We perform thorough audits, inspections and trials of vessels fitted with dynamic positioning (DP) systems. This can include annual audits, trials prior to certain operations and FMEAs (Failure Mode Effects Analysis).

We can assist with:

  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Surveys, Audits and Trials
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analyses for both new build and existing DP vessels
  • Annual DP trials
  • DP Capability analyses, including HAZIDs and capability plots
  • Dynamic Positioning incident investigations
  • New build and conversion disputes for DP vessels
  • Preparation of DP operations manuals


We carry out audits and assessments of vessel management systems, including ISM and ISPS (International Safety Management Code and International Ship and Port Security). As well as performing the audit on board the vessel, we can also audit the company’s headquarters and offices to confirm that the systems are effective throughout the organization.

Pre & Post Charter

We carry out surveys documenting the exact condition of a vessel, its machinery, equipment and consumables at the time it is taken on charter, and again when it is taken off charter.


WOOS performs pre-purchase surveys to confirm that the condition of the vessel is as described. This work generally includes class record searches and an inspection of the vessel’s structure, machinery and equipment.


WOOS surveys vessels, equipment and locations to ensure that they are suitable to perform or host a specific operation. Suitability surveys are valuable in establishing whether:

  • The vessels and equipment proposed for a specific marine operation are appropriate for both the actual work tasks and the environment in which the operation will take place.
  • The location proposed for the operation is appropriate for the actual work tasks, and has the facilities, environment and logistical support needed.

Marine Engineering

WOOS provides various value addition marine engineering services aimed at reducing downtime and workload on both ship and shore staff.

We offer a comprehensive range of marine engineering services & marine engineering consultancy.

This can include the load-out, transportation and installation of offshore oil and gas facilities, the decommissioning and removal of offshore structures, ports and harbors and general maritime transportation.

Our Marine Engineering Services are composed of experts who collaborate efficiently with other discipline engineers to attend to your offshore needs.
Services we provide consist of:

  • Vessel life extension studies
  • Vessel upgradation studies
  • Dry dock and Repair Superintending assistance
  • Equipment and installations certification assistance

Client Representation

Recognizing the specificity of each operation our dedicated project managers are experienced in project coordination, resources & budget management, communication and troubleshooting being driven by the commitment to excellence and the desire to meet client expectations, ensuring your projects are finished on schedule and within budget and saving both time and money.

As Project Managers we take over the responsibility of leading the project team and ensuring the successful completion of a project within time and budget.

Among our Project Managers duties:

– Lead the team and execute the project within the Client’s safety rules and Quality standards

– Will be the first point of contact for the Client

– Come up with creative technical solutions that enable a successfully project completion

– Integration of team, equipment, third party involvement and procurement for the project

– Provide regular reports maintain contacts with the supporting departments at the head office

Technical Bid Evaluations

If you are putting a project or operation out to tender, have received bids to evaluate or need technical input into contracts, WOOS can assist you. We have worked on the tendering process in many areas including:

Vessel repairs

Marine transportation

Offshore marine operations

Repairs to damaged port and harbour facilities

Naval Architectural Services

WOOS provides various naval architectural services:

  • Scantling computations
  • Steel renewal computations
  • Rule based calculations
  • Damage stability computations and probabilistic damage stability analysis
  • Stability booklets – Satisfies IMO / MARPOL / any other statutory stability criteria
  • Probabilistic Damage Stability Analysis
  • Loading manual
  • Sea fastening calculations
  • Tonnage and freeboard calculations
  • Loadline calculations
  • Deadweight survey and inclining experiments

WOOS also prepares statutory and ship specific manuals / instruction books for both new builds and in-service ships. Class approvals are obtained on behalf of owners.

Provision of Marine Operations Support

WOOS’s personnel have a valuable combination of knowledge and hands-on experience in the planning and execution of marine operations. Consequently we are well-placed to offer technical advice and support to our clients. This can include seconding personnel to our clients to assist with a project or to manage specific marine operations.

Additionally we can help with the design and preparation of detailed procedures, contingency plans and associated engineering and analysis for various types of load-out, transportation and installation operations. This can include the design of ancillary temporary facilities and structures, such as loading or offloading jetties, grounding pads, moorings, grillage and seafastening.

Risk, Safety and Environment

Our multi-disciplined technical staff have a broad range of marine expertise and knowledge of risk management and safety practices and procedures. This is significantly enhanced by our marine casualty investigation and consultancy work, which provides a unique perspective on the risks and consequences of potential and actual failures in engineering, procedures and management systems. Our capabilities in the HSE field include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative marine risk assessments
  • Navigational risk assessments
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Marine safety audits
  • Operational readiness audits and reviews
  • Risk and safety audits of construction and repair facilities and port operations

Studies & Assessments

We can work with you to evaluate the options and scope out the details. We have worked on a broad range of projects including:

  • Port operations
  • Navigation, including ice navigation
  • Towage and tow routing
  • Project-specific transportation
  • Project-specific marine operations
  • Project-specific marine construction locations
  • Vessel selection
  • Weather downtime

Guidelines, Specifications & Manuals

We can produce guidance documents, technical specifications and manuals for you, and write policies and procedures. We can also assist in its implementation, for example any training you might require.

This service includes:

  • Guidelines for the planning, design and execution of complex and unusual marine operations
  • Functional specifications for marine operations
  • Emergency response manuals, for example SOPEP (Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan) and SMPEP (Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan))
  • Preparation and implementation of ISM/ISO (International Safety Management Code/International Organization for Standardization)
  • FPU (floating production unit) and semi-submersible marine operations manuals